Friday, September 26, 2014

[Music] "Dirty Dancing" with JK Kim Dongwook

I feel obligated to make this post because I'm a fan of JK Kim Dongwook's performances on Immortal Song 2. He's returned with "Dirty Dancing" and it's a definite change of pace from his recent performances on the show that I can think of; it's more upbeat for sure.

Monday, September 22, 2014

[Visual] Hey Stellaaaaar!

Don't ever leave me baby.

Anyway, Jeonyul shows off that derriere and Minhee gets groped on stage. K-pop.

[Visual] Yezi On the Floor Ain't Too Bad

I wish there was another angle, maybe a higher one?

[Visual] Yuji Goes Down on Stage in Front of Crowd

But not that kind of down. The family friendly kind.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

[Visual] Seo Good Looking

Your eyes are thanking you.

[Visual] Hani Has Bangs and Long Hair

That's how you can recognize her. Check out the interview to see how you can recognize the other members too. After you've watched, I'll quiz you.

I won't.

Still looking for more EXID stuff as I've grown much fonder of them through this comeback.

[Visual] EXID Succumbs to "The AOA Effect"

The AOA Effect is becoming stronger as each day passes. Its influence is slowly seeping into the dusty cracks of the K-pop industry.

More eye contact versions, companies! What are you doing? Go invest in some 60fps cameras at the very least, so cheap.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

[Visual] Seohyun Embodies the Definition of Perfection In Taetiseo's "Holler" MV

I know you feel the same way, don't be shy. It's okay for her to be better than every other idol you like. Embrace those feelings.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

[Visual] Tahiti's Ari Demonstrates Why Safety Shorts Are the Enemy of Humanity

She makes a compelling point.

[Visual][Music] Spica.S(exy) Subunit Debuts and Wants Your Love

This is a boring song.

There's not much I find interesting about the way it sounds so it does nothing for me personally. Being good singers isn't enough, I need a good beat/instrumentals. The chorus is okay but as a whole it's just kind of mmmmeh to me.

There are some good outfits in the music video but they don't get showcased a lot so that's kind of disappointing. I don't recall seeing much in the choreography that grabbed me.

Idols, don't get dressed in sexy outfits and sing boring songs. Also, if you're going to bother getting dressed in sexy outfits, actually make use of them.

Monday, September 15, 2014

[Visual] Revisiting "Number Nine" Soyeon

She was barely visible in this outfit in the MV. At some point, CCM might as well just make the music videos a black screen with audio playing if you can barely see the members.

[Music] Ladies' Code "I'm Fine Thank You" MV Released

That ending.

[Visual] Why Wasn't I Born as Eunjung's Finger

Who is to blame for this?

[Updated][Visual] Taetiseo "Holler" MV Teaser Gifs

Update 2: New gif.
Update: Added more gifs.

The members look good. You can trust me.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

[Visual] Eunjung and Soyeon Are Glucose Free

No one is consuming any sugar in this household under their watch.

I have to say, I'm loving Eunjung's hair this comeback. Soyeon as well; she's back to looking good following her dumb, unnecessary nose job. Stop messing with your faces idols.

[Visual] Choa, I Hate to See You Go, but I Love to Watch You Leave

This is unforgivable. Why isn't FNC giving AOA tighter shorts to wear?

[Music][Visual] Four Ladies Finally Have Their Music Show Debut Stage with Butchered Choreography

Where's the scissor leg attack? Ridiculous.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

[Visual] I Did It, I Giffed T-ara's "Sugar Free" MV

This music video is a nightmare, and a waste of so much potential awesomeness.

I'll probably redo these once there's a better quality video out.

[Visual] Everything You Need to Know about Tara's "Sugar Free" MV In One Gif


I should warn you, if you're prone to seizures, do not click this.

Edit: Okay, seriously. What. The. Fuck. How did anyone editing this music video stare at it for longer than 30 seconds and think that this was okay. It's literally non-stop flashing lights. My brain can't process this monstrosity.

The editing just butchers any chance of appreciating how amazing T-ara looks in the video. Ugh, my eyes hurt, I'm going to bed...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[Visual] Kyungri Boldly Flashes Her Black Lipstick

This post is dedicated to Ahjussi of AKF because he's such a fan of Kyungri's knockers Nasty Nasty's "Knock."

[Visual] NS Yoon-G Showcasing Those Fine Legs

I made these back on the 2nd and never got around to post them, so here they are.

There are some more fancams from this event I haven't gotten around to looking at yet so you can probably expect some more of her.

[Visual] Kyungri Being Nasty (Nasty)

I know I'm probably crazy, but that door opening sound effect in the "Knock" music video has to be in some audio library somewhere because it sounds so familiar. I know it's just a door opening but it sounds so stock. I don't know.

Here's ZE:A's Kevin running his hand down Kyungri's delicious thigh, and Kyungri bouncing her butt around.

Monday, September 8, 2014

[Visual] Hara's Seductive Look

I've got some fancams of Kara I still need to check out.

[Visual] The Continuing Tale of Me Loving EXID's Choreography and Hani

Well, I guess I should specify one moment in particular of their choreography.

These gifs are from two different music shows.

I just want to say, I hate music show performances. The cameras always jump sporadically from shot to shot as if what they're currently filming can't hold their attention and they always fail to capture the best parts of the choreography (i.e. the sexy parts).

The video quality also suffers a huge hit when they use electronic screens instead of built sets as backdrops which results in things looking way less sharp.

Anyway, here's Hani's wonderful derriere followed by a group shot of EXID.

[Visual] Hani, We Need to Have a Talk

This is ridiculous, you're way too attractive. What have they been feeding you?

I think she looks pretty damn amazing in the "Up and Down" music video, so, you know, watch that if you haven't yet. I'm really looking forward to more fancams because that one part of their choreography coupled with those really short shorts they've been wearing promises good times for everyone.

Anyway, I can't be the only one who's driven crazy by her biting her lip, right? Of course not.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

RIP Kwon Risae

What do I even say? I can't even begin to fathom how painful this week has been for the Ladies' Code members, their families, and their fans. I can only hope they find the strength to get through this difficult time.

This is incredibly selfish of me to say, but I don't want this to be the end of Ladies' Code. If being singers and spreading their music was their dream and passion, then I don't want them to let that road end here. Take the time needed to heal and return stronger then ever. Your fans will wait for you.

[Visual] Son Yeon Jae Doing What She Does Best

That flexibility.

[Visual] Jiyeon Puts the Back In T-ara's Comeback Teaser

Blah blah blah, blah blah.

Edit: I also want to say, I'm glad Boram is looking healthy again. Following the 2012 incident, she looked really grim.

[Updated][Visual] Atlas Shrugged, Kyungri Sighed

Update: Better Quality Gif, looping.

I should probably get back to regular posting.

Today we have Kyungri, who has returned sans her fellow muses in a subunit called Nasty Nasty with a ZE:A member, Kevin, and a girl who I'd assume is probably going to be a new Nine Muses member, Sojin.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

RIP Go Eun Bi

Man, unbelievable. My heart sank when I saw the news.

It feels incredibly surreal to be reading the name of a K-pop group member and the word died in the same sentence. What fucking heartbreaking news.

Rise and Sojung are in critical condition from the car accident and are undergoing surgery, so here's to them making a full recovery. I hope the all the members and their families stay strong.


I just want to get out some thoughts. 

This has been a pretty depressing event to follow, I feel especially so on a personal level, and I don't even fully understand why; maybe in the course of writing this I'll come to some realization. Of course someone has died and that's an incredibly sad event, but it's not as if I have any close connection to Ladies' Code or was a huge follower. 

Everyday we learn about countless deaths and I've probably come to be desensitized to hearing about horrible situations occurring; I feel bad they happen, I feel sad to an extent but I move on. So why is this instance anymore important than those other events and why is it so much more affecting to me? I've listened to Ladies' Code's songs, not very often; I've seen the members on variety shows, predominantly Rise. I thought they were beautiful, attractive women but they weren't a group I followed attentively.

Learning of EunB's death and continuously following the updates on their situation, my eyes can't help but get watery. Here's a girl who's just three months younger than me in the midst of pursuing her passion in life, something I have immense respect for, and that journey has ended way too early. It kills me, it fucking kills me. I know for a fact there's so much I have yet to experience in my life, and accordingly, there is so much she has yet to experience. It's that notion in and of itself that I find to be overwhelmingly sad.

As an idol, she already has to forfeit the experiences people her age undergo and the freedom that encompasses. I feel like being an idol, you lock yourself in this cage for the sake of a volatile audience that will rake you over the coals the moment you dare to show any kind of humanistic inclinations, like dating and falling in love, or doing anything that isn't to the perceived benefit of the audience. They shouldn't have to live like fucking puppets especially when moments like these prove life is too fucking short. 

I left this comment at the end of a post by 아저씨/Ahjussi at AKF, which you should give a read, that honestly, I know it's an impossible thing to hope for, but following a death like this, I would want South Koreans and fans of K-pop to reevaluate the way they regard idols. Stop treating them as if they exist only for the sake of your entertainment. You purchasing an album doesn't entitle you to the right to dictate their lives. They're goddamn human beings too. Spend time enjoying your own lives, and let them enjoy theirs as well. If you don't like them, don't support them.

Part of the reason why I think this has affected me more than I could have possibly imagined is probably because of how much a presence K-pop has in my life nowadays. I follow it fairly heavily and through it I've been able to chat with some great people on places like twitter and forums and expose myself to all kinds of new groups and their music. People like to section themselves off to specific idols when there is so, so, so much great music around to listen to. It's ridiculous.

Something as tragic as death occurring in the bubbly K-pop I've immersed myself in over these past few years is just too incommensurable. Death and K-pop just don't mix in my mind.

These have been some sad days. However unlikely, I want to believe Rise makes a full recovery; she's been fighting to live for how long now. I hope all the members get through this event, and become even stronger.

Let's hear some good news, please.

Monday, September 1, 2014